The One-Minute Aquinas

In The One-Minute Aquinas, veteran Catholic author Dr. Kevin Vost provides you with simple, readable explanations of St. Thomas's life-giving wisdom.

In these lucid pages, you will read small, digestible portions of St. Thomas's answers to questions such as . . .

•  Why do souls need the sacraments?

•  Why didn't Jesus write the Bible himself?

•  What are simple proofs of God's existence?

•  What is heaven, and what is it not?

•  Why did Jesus allow himself to be crucified?

•  How can I grow quickly in virtue?

•  Who are the angels and what are their powers?

•  What is God's power and its limits?

•  Why did God become man?

•  Why did Jesus allow himself to be tempted?

And you'll learn countless, but quick, refutations to the relativistic and secular ideas that are so destructive to our culture today.

We are not all called to be intellectuals, but we are called to have an ever deeper understanding of our Faith.



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